"Ní neart go cur le chéile – There is no strength without unity"

From washing jerseys, standing on sidelines, making teas, lotto checking, helping with coaches and the all important executive committee, there is jobs there for the taking with the backup of outgoing commitee.

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Chairman – Nigel Langan ✆ 0879202225
Secretary – Linda Kelly ✆ 0868582373

On Saturday afternoon in a sunny Clones an amazing group of girls once again demonstrated how teamwork and not individual stars wins championships. Tanya Johnson deservedly got player of the game but she will happily admit what gives her that special bravery that we witnessed on Saturday is knowing who is around her and when she came forward for that first save she knew Eimear Hurley and Aoife Trant were covering the goal behind her. Instinctively these girls know how each and every one of them is going to react to a passage of play. I can safely say I have never in all my years of watching this team play together heard them do anything but encourage each other, a missed pass is apologised for and they move on, there is no blame because they know everyone is giving 100%.

It’s 18 years this year since Dick Flanagan brought a group of fresh faced U14s to the Feile na Gael competition where they had their first taste of success and they were well and truly bitten by the Camogie bug. That group of girls were joined by the likes of Aoife Trant and Emma Farrell whose own clubs only fielded boys teams at the time who eventually got too scared to play with the fiesty Aoife and Emma 😊. Others joined over the years with the latest recruit Catherine Maloney joining only this year when she married into the Johnstownbridge family. In a world where young women increasingly have to move away from their family support network for job opportunities and find themselves isolated there is nothing as heart-warming as witnessing a bunch of girls sitting after training laughing and joking over food prepared by the local mammies with muck to their eyeballs, not a false eyelash in sight (though still a fair bit of fake tan) with not a care in the world. Even more heart-warming was the return of Shauna Beatty and Louise Codd to the group after both having babies last year again motherhood is not easy so it’s great to have a support network where you can de-stress and leave the worries of the day at the pitch gate and that’s why we say club is family.

They say it takes a village to raise a child well it takes an army to raise All-Ireland Champions. Dick Flanagan has been mentoring and encouraging for 18+ years, Mary Murphy has been washing jerseys, carrying water bottles, minding 20 iphones and an ever increasing number of engagement rings, Declan Curran agreed to help with the coaching only to get caught up in the infectious passion of these girls, Jack O’Connell has mended more hurleys than he’s had hot dinners, the mammies have made sure that girls who are stuck in traffic from town coming straight to training had something good to eat before they fell into bed exhausted after a long day and Red helped eat all the scones.

For such a small village the support has been tremendous both in roaring the girls on in games with their chants to financially ensuring that the girls had nothing to worry about but playing their game. From cloncad our main sponsor to all those who sponsored a player and more. John and Moe in the Hamlet Court making sure our girls were well fed so that they didn’t fall off the bar and injure themselves. To the children who watched in awe as their heroes walked triumphantly across the Blackwater bridge and went home dreaming that one day they too will walk triumphantly across that bridge with their best friends and family. 💙💚💙💚