2013 Intermediate Quarter Final V Caragh

Assertive JohnstownBridge Eliminate Caragh on a Damp Evening in Allenwood

Intermediate Football Championship Quarter Final Sat 7th September 2013

JTB 3-16 Caragh 0-04

After a week of discontent in the county, the show must go on where club football is concerned.  Despite the fact that we have more than our fair share of county players and the distraction around the issue of Kieran McGeeney all week, there was no sign of any dip in concentration or hangover where the ‘Bridge boys are concerned.  After all as Seán Hurley’s tweet during the week stated “Club is Family”.

The two teams took to the field in atrocious conditions on an evening where we remembered what Irish weather is really supposed to be like and not the warm conditions we’ve come accustomed to in recent months.  Seán Hurley opened the JTB account after just 3 minutes when Keith was fouled running at the Caragh defence.  Cathal McNally got himself on the board just 2 minutes later after an unlucky miss by Niall Vaughan.  Caragh responded with a Jake Corrigan point from play from 15 yards out in the 7th minute to leave just a point between the sides.  JTB hit back a minute later with a superbly worked attack involving some classy interplay between Seán and Keith eventually being laid on to Daniel Flynn for a fine score.  A minute later after Jimmy Farrell made yet another clever run Keith had an effort on goal which was blocked and sent wide.  The umpire however was oblivious to proceedings and the 45 wasn’t given.  On the 11th minute Paul Cribbin made a great run and pointed with the aid of the top of the crossbar.  At the end of the first quarter Cathal cast two Caragh defenders aside to leave the score 5 points to 1 after 15 mins.  Keith then showed off his dead ball skills with a well taken 45 from the ground on the left side of goal.  Caragh were rarely threatening our end of the field at all and when they did got very little change from the our backs.  Goalkeeper Ian Farrell reacted in the 17th minute when called upon with a fine punch out of the square to deny the men from Prosperous a goal and perhaps some hope.  In the 18th minute Séamus McNally came on an attacking run and opened the account on behalf of the backs, who had been all but forgotten down the dressing room end of the grounds.  Seán took a free almost on the sideline and 30 yards out after 20 minutes to add another score to his tally.  Caragh got their second and final point in the first half form a Michael Behan free just a couple of minutes later.  The ‘Bridge boys responded with a point from Keith from a 45, after a saved goal chance by Niall Vaughan.  A minute later Cathal was fouled around the 45 yard line and Seán took the free from his hands which dropped in on top of Kevin Gannon the Caragh net minder, and somehow made it under the crossbar – goal!  3 minutes later Keith was flagged for lifting the ball clean off the ground.  With pure determination he won the ball back immediately from the Caragh free kick and found Cathal with a pin point pass.  With only one back and a goalie to beat there was only one place that ball was going…left foot and goal, just before the half-time break.  HT JTB 2-08  Caragh  0-2

The second half continued on from the first and Cathal got another point from play in the first minute with a move started by Jamesie O’Connor and worked the length of the pitch from Keith to Seán back to Keith back to Seán and into Cathal!!  Seán gets another point on the board 4 minutes later after Paul Mooney brought the ball through from the half-back line.  Paul sticks on another point a couple of minutes later after a Hurley dummy along the 21.  With just eight minutes into the second half Niall sticks the ball in the back of the net from a Seán Hurley pass to leave the score 3-11 to 0-02 and the Caragh player already wishing they were on the road home.  Paul points again with the aid of Jimmy Farrell a minute later.  Daniel Flynn is replaced by Ian McKeon on the 11th minute due to a minor injury concern.  Paul points again 2 minutes after running at least 60 yards toward goal.  Caragh get a point from a free by Daniel Campbell helped in by the upright on 16 minutes but unfortunately for them, their attacks into the JTB half can almost be counted on one hand.  However, they did get their fourth and final score soon after Luke Flynn fouled his man 30 yards out.  The free converted by Michael Behan.  Paul Mooney is replaced by Michael Donnelly in the 20th minute as the sideline look to rest some of the lads just before Cathal points again in the 21st and 22nd minute.  Keith is then replaced by Shane Flanagan in the 23rd.  The teams swapped a few wides before the end to leave the finals core 3-16 to 0-04.

Caragh 1  K.Gannon,  2 R. Whelan, 3 I. Moran, 4 T O’Hara, 5 P. O’Sullivan, 6 JP O’Rourke, 7 B Fitzpatrick, 8 K O’Connor, 9 P Cassidy, 10 D Campbell 0-1 (1 free), 11 P Fay 12, M Browne, 13 J Sullivan, 14 M Behan 0-2 (1 free), 15 J Corrigan 0-1
Johnstownbridge 1 I Farrell, 2 S O’Connor, 3 L Flynn, 4 C Farrell, 5 S McNally 0-1, 18 P Mooney, 7 E O’Donoghue, 8 B McNally(C), 9 K Cribben 0-2(2 45s), 10 D Flynn 0-1, 11 S Hurley 1-3 (2 frees), 12 P Cribben 0-4, , 13 J Farrell, 14 N Vaughan 1-0, 15 C McNally 1-5.

Subs 19 I. McKeon for 10 D. Flynn 6 M. Donnelly for 18 P. Mooney 20 S. Flanagan for 9 K. Cribben

Ok the backs were quiet but this wasn’t an accident the midfield of Barry and Keith and forwards were pressurising so far up the field Caragh never got any breathing space.  It was clear this bunch of lads were going to play at a high intensity from the get-go.  They march on to the Semi-Final which will be played on Sat 21st.  Those left are JTB, Castledermot, Kilcock and Ellistown/Ballyteague, the draw will take place soon.

The Balyna ladies were crowned County Champions tonight the lads spurred on by the beeping of horns from the victorious teams as they landed into Allenwood on their way home to support their parish counterparts.  They beat St. Laurence’s by 1-06 to 0-05.

Let’s hope the lads will go all the way and win it out too.  There must be something in the water!

Is Mise

Seánie Bennett

Club PRO

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